• E-commerce business houses—small or big, generic or specialized—need to deal with fierce global competition right at their doorsteps. Rapid loss of differentiation, extremely price–sensitive and fickle customer loyalty, evolving global regulations, short product life cycles, and dropping margins are some of the significant business challenges that e-commerce businesses today need to deal with upfront.

    These challenges compel merchants to develop unique strategies to liaison with partners and service providers. Their policies for eMarketing, Internet advertising, brand identity management, pricing, fulfillment, payments, channel convergence, customer behaviour analysis and personalization, online and offline shopping experience, and core commerce need to radically go beyond the realms of traditional e-commerce.

  • We understand these challenges in great detail. We are aware that successful e-commerce today is not merely an orchestration of retailing products online, but modeling and e-enabling of a very complex, liaison-oriented, and rapidly changing business solution, online.

    The demand that such a challenge presents on IT solutions, infrastructure management, support services, professional services, back office operations, and customer support solutions requires deep understanding of the domain and specialized expertise and experience in enabling these solutions.

    We capitalize on its extensive e-commerce expertise with years of focused knowledge assimilation and extensive experience in providing full-life–cycle e-commerce and e-business enabling solutions and services to an array of clients across the US and Japan.

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